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Vocals/guitar/bass-Bronsen Euard
Keyboard/Key-bass/Vocals-Isaac Williams
Drums-Conner Kessler


Some Words that come to mind: NEo-soul, Rock, Jazz, Funk, NEw music, Groove music, Fusion


Groove X3

Bronsen and the Expedition is a Washington, DC based trio consisting of Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Keys and Keybass. Not simply a "singer with a backing band," but a collaborative trio of musicians with the common goal of making people dance with music worth listening to.  Collaboration and a close-knit chemistry that shines on stage shapes the voice of this unique ensemble. Honest songwriting meets impeccable musicianship, meets you at a venue soon. 


With all members coming from extremely different backgrounds and locations across the east coast and abroad, musical influences and differences melt together. Look for tinges of funk, rock, jazz, RnB....but also none of them really. 


"[Bronsen's] disarming presence adds to his appeal, but so does the set list."-Dave Richards, Erie Times News

"...offers a mix of both aforementioned genres [jazz and RnB] while offering the experimentation that often gets cut from bigger releases..."-The Scene Magazine


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phone: 814-520-3439

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